The Dance Compilation

The Dance Compilation

Track List:

1.  Your Love Is My Drug-Ke$ha (Animal)
2.  Just Say So-Bryan McFadden feat. Kevin Rudolf (Wall Of Soundz)
3.  When Love Takes Over-David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland (One Love)
4.  Morning After Dark-Timbaland feat. Soshy and Nelly Furtado (Shock Value II)
5.  Drop It Low-Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown (More Than A Game OST)
6.  Desnudate-Christina Aguilera (Bionic)
7.  Hypnotico (Silly Heartbreakers)-Tami Chynn (Primadonna)
8.  You And I-Medina (Welcome To Medina)
9.  Dirty Picture-Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha (Rockstarr)
10.  Drank-Girlicious (Jersey Shore OST)


Here’s something that will definitely get your groove on.  This is a compilation of some of my most-played dance tracks.  I usually play them in the morning to get my mood ready for the day or when I am working out in the gym to give me more drive to finish my routine.  Haha!  I may not be a professional dancer but I know I have the ears for good dance tracks.

My favorite tracks are Ke$ha’s “Your Love Is My Drug”, Timbaland’s “Morning After Dark”, Tami Chynn’s “Hypnotico” and Medina’s “You And I”.  I am recommending also that you get Medina’s album.  It’s filled with nice dance tracks.  “You And I” is just my favorite so that’s the one I included in the list.  I’ll try to upload that one soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy!

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