Katy Perry | Teenage Dream (Second Single 2010)

I knew it!  I knew there will come a song this month that will hook me so much.  This should have been part of my Top 10.  Anyway, I am doing this special entry to feature my current favorite song.

After the smash-hit “California Gurls” comes Katy Perry’s next single “Teenage Dream”, which is also the title of her upcoming studio album due on August 24th.

This really catchy song talks about a love that makes her feel younger in so many ways.  Listening to the song gives you that highschool vibe — puppy love, flings, etc.  Katy may not have the best vocals of a belter but she definitely makes some of  the best songs.

The song is already available and currently doing good in terms of downloads on Itunes.  As for you, my dear readers,  here’s a copy I personally uploaded.  It’s the original Itunes-purchased song that I converted to mp3.  Comments are very much welcome.  Enjoy!

Rating:  5 notes of 5

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