Top Ten Picks | July 2010

It’s just the third week of the month but I’ve decided to list down my Top 10 tracks already.  Well, I guess the last week wouldn’t matter unless a really striking song comes up and hooks me. Haha! Until then, I am proud to present my Top 10 picks for July.

PS. They’re arranged chronologically, that is, the first is my Top 1 and so on.  Please be guided. Haha! Kidding! 😛



1. Something ‘Bout Love – David Archuleta (Other Side of Down)

This is the brand new single from my favorite AI finalist David Archuleta that features his new sound that is more upbeat.  Album drops September 14 worldwide.

2. Fighting For You – Emilia De Poret (Pick Me Up)

Track No. 5 off Emilia’s 2009 album. Yep, 2009, meaning it’s old.  Well, for a late discoverer like me it’s sounds so new and I love this track.  It’s very soothing and dramatic.

3. Nothing More To Say – Jessie James (Single)

Another soothing song here and this is my favorite Jessie James’ song to date.  I didn’t like much her debut album but this one’s exceptional because it maximized her vocal range.

4. Raindrop – Carmen Reece (Love In Stereo)

Looking for a nice dance track? Try this one.  Very upbeat and danceable. Will surely get you dancing. 😛

5. Missing You – The Saturdays (Headlines)

Not The Sats’ best but definitely a must-hear.  The blending of the girls voices are really amazing.   I also support The Sats because Vanessa, a member of the group, is a Filipina.

6. Got Your Back – T.I. feat. Keri Hilson (King Uncaged)

I don’t usually listen to a rap song unless it really has a nice chorus to blend with the rapping. Keri is perfect for this song and chorus is really very catchy.

7. Two More Lonely People – Miley Cyrus (Can’t Be Tamed)

This is the only song in Miley’s new record that, I think, has an influence of her previous albums.  Really nice guitars and vocals.

8. Rocket To Uranus – Vengaboys (Rocket to Uranus)

You guys still remember Vengaboys? Well, here they are with their comeback single.  Can’t wait to hear the rest of their new album.

9.  Live For The Moment – Pixie Lott (StreetDance OST)

Pixielating! That’s how I call the feeling when I am listening to Pixie songs.  She really has a nice voice and she can really sing almost any kind of songs like from slow to fast ones.  This song is part of Streetdance’s OST.

10. For The First Time – The Script (Science and Faith)

My favorite indie band finally released a new single.  I still can’t get over their first album, which include songs like “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and “Breakeven”.  Really glad that they’re now getting the success that they deserve.

The best part…here’s the entire compilation for your listening pleasure.  🙂

PS: Forgive me for the rushed cover art and for some grammatical errors since I have to leave in a minute. LOL 😛

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