Jedward | Planet Jedward (2010)

Artist: Jedward
Album: Planet Jedward
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Pop
Release Date: July 26

01. Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)
02. All The Small Things
03. Everybody
04. Ghostbusters
05. Fight For Your Right To Party
06. I Want Candy
07. Jump
08. I Like To Move It
09. Rock DJ
10. Teenage Kicks
11. Pop Muzik
12. Walk This Way (Bonus Track)


Former contestants of the 2009 X Factor, Jedward, will finally release their debut album “Planet Jedward” on the 26th.  The two were known for their unique and fun interpretation of songs such as “Ice Ice Baby”  and “Everybody” of the Backstreet Boys during the course of the show.  Although a lot still doubt about the Irish duo’s singing capabilities, I think they sound good and original although my first impression about them were lunatics.  Kidding! 😛

The album features songs of other artists covered by them.  Starts off with the very popular “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” where Vanilla Ice made a comeback.  This was actually the first song I heard from them and I instantly liked it.  The album will definitely appeal to everyone since the songs have already been made famous by the original singers.  My favorite covers are their interpretation of Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” and Aaron Carter’s “I Want Candy”.  “Ghostbusters” also digs childhood memories. Haha! 😛  Their voice may sound typical but I found something in them that made me listen to the album to the finish and would still want to listen over and over again.

I think it’s a good strategy to release first an album of covers.  It’s like a sampler.  At least people could judge them first by how they interpret these famous songs and eventually in the future, they could release their own original songs.  Okay so judging the album, I think it’s great and promising.  Very pop and I liked it the first time I heard it.  I love their versions.  For sure, you too will have your own favorites.

Rating:   4 notes of 5

Download Link (courtesy of mrniceguy of FMSM):

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