Hannah Montana | Hannah Montana Forever OST (2010)

Album:  Hannah Montana Forever

Artist:  Hannah Montana


1.  Superstar

2.  Kiss It Goodbye

3.  Que Sera

4.  Need A Little Love (feat. Sheryl Crow)

5.  Barefoot Cinderella

6.  Wherever I Go

7.  Been Here All Along

8.  This Boy, That Girl (feat. Iyaz)

9.  I’m Still Good

10.  I’ll Always Remember You

11.  Wherever I Go (feat. Lily)

12.  Ordinary Girl


Not really a fan of the show (saw the movie, though) but I am always a fan of Miley’s music and for me, this soundtrack contains some of Miley’s best.  This is the kind of album I’d like Miley to focus on.  I think she’ll do better in the country genre like her father, Billy Ray.

The album is in line with the fourth and final season of the show, which is rumored to come out in October.  In this album, Miley or Hannah goes back to that sweet girl image before the “Can’t Be Tamed” era, singing more country — meaningful — tracks about friendship and life in general.

Album opens up with upbeat tracks “Superstar,” “Kiss It Goodbye,” and “Que Sera” then transcends to more slow songs.  The album also features beautiful duets with Sheryl Crow (“Need A Little Love”), Iyaz (“This Boy, That Girl”) and Lily (“Wherever I Go”)

My favorite tracks are “Barefoot Cinderella”, “Need A Little Love”, “I’m Still Good”, “Wherever I Go”, and the first single “Ordinary Girl”.  Now, I’m sharing you a webrip copy of the soundtrack.

Let me know what you think. 🙂

Rating:          5 of 5 notes

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