David Archuleta | Something ‘Bout Love (2010 Single)

Bump!  Check out the full and final version of the song.  It’s the official Itunes version and definitely better than my previous post.  Link is below! 🙂


Here’s something fresh from my ultimate idol ever, David Archuleta.

After the success of his past two albums (the self-titled debut and his “Christmas from the Heart” album) and his book called “Chords of Strength” (which I still haven’t finished reading yet.  Haha!), David is finally back with his new single “Something ‘Bout Love”.

This song is very different from “Crush”.

As Neonlimelight.com puts it, the song “uses a pulsating beat, radio ready synths and [that matches] his amazingly sweet voice”, which is very far from the ballads that he usually sings.

The song is very soothing to the ears considering the heavy beats it has.

David’s fans will surely like this song.  Listening to this song feels like listening to a Kevin Rudolf or a David Guetta-produced material.  For sure, the album will feature more good tracks.

The single is out on I-tunes on  July 20th but full preview is available on David’s official site (davidarchuleta.com).

And since I am very generous,  I was able to get a ripped copy of the song and I am sharing them to you.  Tell me guys what you think.  Enjoy!  Please support the artist when the album comes out already.

Rating:   5 of 5 notes!

Dowload link:


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