Jason Derulo-Jason Derulo (2010)

Artist: Jason Derulo
Album: Jason Derulo
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Pop
Release Date: March 2, 2010

Track List

01. Whatcha Say
02. Ridin’ Solo
03. In My Head
04. The Sky’s The Limit
05. What If
06. Love Hangover
07. Encore
08. Fallen
09. Blind
10. Strobelight (Bonus)


Did you know that Jason Derulo’s first single called “Whatcha Say” released in August of 2009 sampled the Imogen Heap song “Hide And Seek”? Cool right? Who would have thought it would turn out to be such a nice R&B track? Oh well,  Jason is really talented and his voice is really good.  He’s one of the few male artists I really admire the first time I heard his song.  The album is even better!

Call me exaggerated but this is my best (male) R&B album to date.  The first time I heard the entire album, I can’t stop playing it over and over.  In fact, I would consider “Whatcha Say” as his weakest song.  Haha!  My favorite tracks off the album and my recommendation for those who love to dance are “In My Head,” and “Strobelight,”.  Cheesy tracks include “Love Hangover,” and “The Sky’s The Limit”.  “Encore”, “Fallen,” and “Blind” are great slow songs.

Overall, the album is highly recommended.  Everyone will appreciate his music.

Listening close, Benjo.

Rating: 5 out of 5 notes

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