Tata Young-Ready For Love (2009)


Tata Young-Ready For Love

Label: Sony Music
Genre: Pop

01. Ready For Love
02. Mission Is You
03. Burning Out
04. My Bloody Valentine
05. Ugly
06. Shine Like A Superstar
07. Suffocate
08. Words Are Not Enough
09. Perfection
10. Boys Will Be Boys
11. Love Is The Law
12. Exposed

Links (Credits to faelwerneck of FMSM)

Rating:  4 notes of 5


Okay.  So we know her as the “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy” singer. Haha! Well, this album is way different from that song.  This album features her versatility — from singing fast songs to slow ones.  I love how she did her slow songs like “Burnin’ Out” and “My Bloody Valentine”.  They’re so smooth and you’ll definitely would want to repeat them over and over.  I was a bit disappointed about her opening track, “Ready For Love”.  It’s a bit boring to me.

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