Life in Music

I must admit.  I am a frustrated singer.  But with all fairness, I think I have the voice but I’m just too shy to show it to the world.  Haha!

Anyway,  the rationale for the creation of this blog is to basically share MUSIC — my one true love.  Music is my life.  I really can’t imagine my life without it so I thought of doing some sort of tribute to it through this blog.  I also love reviewing songs or albums but can’t find the perfect place to do it and I really do hope it’s here.  Hehe.

This blog will feature my current music favorites: songs or albums that get me in the mood, artists that I’m liking, new videos, and other music-related matters.  The good part of this blog is that I’ll try (as much as possible) to share links where you can download the music so you can also take a listen to what I’m reviewing.  This way, you too can give your own views regarding the music.

So expect a whole lot of good music from this blog!

Welcome everyone and thanks for visiting. 🙂

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