Jordin Sparks-Battlefield (2009)


Artist :  Jordin Sparks
Album : Battlefield (Deluxe Edition)
Label : RCA
Retail : 07/15/2009
Release : 07/15/2009
Genre : POP
Tracks : 14
Play Time: 52 Min 25s

Track List:
01.Walking On Snow
03.Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
04.S.O.S (Let The Music Play)
05.It Takes More
06.Watch You Go
07.No Parade
08.Let It Rain
09.Emergency (911)
10.Was I The Only One
12.The Cure

Bonus Track:

Link (credit: Perfect_Exceeder of FMSM):

Rating: 4 notes out of 5


As for my first review, I thought of doing it with Jordin Spark’s sophomore album called “Battlefield”.  I’ve been constantly listening to this album until now since its release last July.  While I’m reading reviews about her being more matured in terms of the type of songs she does on this album, I still believe that she hasn’t.  I mean, most songs in this album were similar to the ones in her first album.  She’s still that girl I first saw on American Idol singing high ballads.  However, she does have better songs in this album and her voice is more “stable” now.  She doesn’t sound trembling anymore.  The opening song “Walking on Snow” is catchy.  “Battlefield”, her first single is also nice with Ryan Tedder of One Republic as its composer.  Her ballads (Don’t Let It Go To Your Head, It Takes More, No Parade and The Cure) were also awesome.  “It Takes More” reminds me of “No Air” minus Chris Brown, though.

Favorite tracks: No Parade, It Takes More, The Cure and Don’t Let It Go To Your Head.

P.S. The Philippine edition of the album doesn’t include the two bonus tracks but has “Tattoo” and “One Step At A Time” as bonus tracks.

Listening close, Benjo.

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